In the spirit of the Olympics, six Ivy+ alumni associations will engage in a friendly competition during the first week of the Olympics games.

Competing schools: Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Penn, Princeton, Stanford

Competition dates: August 8 through August 12, 2016

Daily contest times: Images must be posted between 11:30 AM ET and 11:59 PM ET. Images posted outside of that time window will be disqualified. Likes will be tallied at 11:00 AM ET the following day.

How the Alumpics works: Each weekday of the contest, each school will post on Instagram a single photo in a designated category. At the end of the day’s contest, the top three alumni associations with the highest number photo likes and photo shares will win medals. The alumni association with the highest medal count at the end of the week will be the Alumpics champion.

How alumni associations get photo likes: Anyone who follows an alumni association’s Instagram has an opportunity to like an Alumpics photo – alumni, friends, family, faculty, staff, students, community members. Whoever the alumni associations can spread word of the Alumpics to has an opportunity to participate.

How to keep track of the medal winners: At the end of each daily contest, a new blog entry will be posted on this Alumpics blog announcing the winner. The overall medal count will be posted in the left column of this site throughout the competition.

Medal values: gold, 5 points; silver, 3 points; bronze, 1 point

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  1. How does it work in terms of different schools sizes?? Dartmouth has one of the smallest student body sizes!! Doesn’t seem fair that it works by absolute number of likes and not in proportion to school size.

    • erebusnux09

       /  July 30, 2012

      Oh duh, funny how things clear when u read da rules!


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