Day 4: Quakers THROWBACK the Competition

With only one day left in the Alumpic games, the Ivy+ competitors all went old school in their attempts to win Day 4’s Alumpic theme: Throwback Thursday.  While we saw some nice black and white photos depicting scenes of old from all five schools, in the end, the gold medal went to Penn, which took us way back to 1914 with its alumpic of weary travelers in the midst of a bitter winter storm (sound familiar, anyone?).  Showing little Brotherly Love to its competitors, the Quakers stormed to the top with an impressive total of 587 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’, bringing their Alumpic medal total to 1 Gold and 1 Bronze.


And for the second day in a row, Cornell nabbed silver with an alumpic of students enjoying some fun in the sun on its (in)famous Libe Slope.  Cornellians were quick to give its beloved Slope two thumbs (and possibly some fingers and toes) up, and the alumpic garnered a whopping total of 515 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’.  The Big Red is currently in the lead heading into the final day of the Alumpic games, sweeping up the medal count with a total of 1 Gold and 3 Silvers.


After scoring Alumpic gold yesterday, Stanford tried once again to cruise past its competitors with a sunny two-wheeling alumpic. While it failed to win the gold with a total of 422 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’, the Cardinal has parked itself solidly in the Bronze medal position and is also poised to take Bronze in the overall standings with 1 Gold and 2 Bronze medals.


While Cornell and Penn’s silver and gold wins call to mind the old nursery song, “Make new friends, but keep the old…one is SILVER, and the other is GOLD,” Princeton was busy recalling its own lyrical classic, “Going Back to Nassau Hall” with its Throwback alumpic.  Although the Tigers didn’t take home a medal today, they are currently 2nd in the overall medal standings with 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze.



As for Columbia…we’re beginning to wonder if all the snowstorms this winter have driven the typically fierce Lions into hibernation.  Nonetheless, although they came in last today with 163 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’, we applaud the spirit of brotherhood and friendship celebrated in the Lions’ alumpic.

Because after all, isn’t that what Alumpics is about?

All together now…

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold.

A circle Alumpic ring is round,
it has no end.
That’s how long,
We will be your friend.

Feeling the love yet?  Excellent!  Because today’s Alumpic theme is…you guessed it.  LOVE.  And it’s officially 2.14.14 – Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Ivy+!



Day 3: Stanford Weathers the Competition

Going up against four schools from the northeast who are all getting slammed with a major snowstorm, Stanford didn’t seem to stand a chance in the #WinterWednesday round of the Alumpics. But alas, the Cardinal’s take on the third round theme – a sun-soaked student studying in her “outdoor classroom” – sizzled, leaving the other Ivy+ schools to feel the winter blues. With a whopping 769 likes and shares, Stanford’s gold has allowed them to storm back into the race for the Alumpics championship.

ImageFinishing with a silver medal was the school that revel’s in winter’s wonderland. With 574 likes and shares, Cornell earned its second straight silver to go along with its first round gold. Princeton’s snowman melted a tear upon learning that his efforts – 424 likes and shares – garnered the Tigers a bronze. That gives them a sampler platter of medals, with one each of gold, silver and bronze.


Though their campuses’ cities looked majestic blanketed in white – and we imagine today’s weather will yield future Alumpics photo opps – Penn and Columbia did not earn medals on Winter Wednesday.


With two days to go, The Alumpics are anyone’s to win. For today, we’ll see whose #ThrowbackThursday photo will throw them back into the lead.

Day 2: Tiger Habitat Wins Gold!

They say not to mess with a tiger in its natural habitat, and this adage certainly rang true on day 2 of the Alumpic games.  The Princeton Tigers snagged gold in today’s Campus themed competition with an alumpic so stunning that it was with no small wonder that we learned the word “campus” was first used to describe Princeton’s grounds during the 18th century. (Total count: 496 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares)


The Big Red put up a valiant effort, just narrowly missing the gold by 30 counts with a total of 466 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ to claim silver with a similarly gorges photo of its campus boasting of gothic architecture, stunning foliage, lakes views, and water falls.  And the Stanford Cardinal chirped onto the Alumpic podium for the first time in this competition, winning a bronze medal (280 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’) with its Farm fresh alumpic.



Alas, the Quakers and Lions didn’t make the medal stand today.  Perhaps it was too much to ask for Penn alums to look past this year’s freezing snowstorms and polar vortexes to the spring beyond, but its photo of sunny College Green fell shy of the podium with 238  ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’.  As for Columbia, which came in last with 217 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’, perhaps like typical New Yorkers, their alums know that some things don’t need to be ‘Liked’ and are universally understood – that they studied in a city so nice, they named it twice.  New York, New York!



Have you caught Alumpic fever yet?  Good, because we’re going to help you cool it down a notch with Day 3 of the Alumpic theme:  Winter. Head on over to Facebook and cast your vote for your alumni association…NOW!

Day 1: Ice, Ice, Ivy

The final numbers are in for the official first day of the Alumpics competition and we’re seeing red – Big Red, that is. In a chilly race for the Alumpic throne, Cornell iced out its competition with a victorious pic of the Big Red hockey team scoring a goal against Harvard. Lynah Faithfuls sounded their approval with a whopping total of 396 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ and Cornell won its first ever Alumpic gold.

Princeton and Penn also took to the ice with photos of Princeton’s ice hockey Olympic alumna Andrea Kilbourne-Hill and Penn’s Men’s Hockey Club (and their haircuts) from the ‘80s. It was a tight race for second, but the Tigers finally clawed shiny silver away from the Quakers in the final hours by a narrow margin of 30 Likes and Shares. The final tally? Tigers 373 to Quakers 343.




And finally, Stanford and Columbia – both of which didn’t get the ice hockey memo – came in fourth and fifth place, respectively, with photos of the Cardinal celebrating 19 straight Directors’ Cups and Columbian (and American!) baseball legend Lou Gehrig.

ColumbiaStanfordDay1Day 1 may have gone to the Big Red Bears, but it is still any school’s game! Day 2 of the Alumpics competition starts this morning. So do not close that computer. Do not head to that meeting. Do not pick up that screaming baby. Do not do anything until you’ve followed the quick links below to your alma mater’s Facebook page and like today’s Alumpic: your school campus.

Let the Games Begin!

It’s 11:00 AM ET, the flame is lit, the snowflakes have all (successfully) blossomed into rings, and the pics are cropped and published.  The games are officially underway for the first ever Winter Alumpics!  Time to head to your favorite Ivy+ school’s Facebook page, check out their first Alumpic photo (today’s theme: Athletics), and do what you’ve got to do to help your school win.

We wish all of the competitors the best of luck in this friendly competition.


Announcing Alumpics 2014

The Winter Olympics are already under way in Sochi. And we’re just days away from kicking off the first-ever Winter Alumpics competition. The social media battle begins on Monday, February 10, goes throughout the week, and ends on Valentine’s Day, February 14. But don’t expect a love fest among the five competing Ivy+ institutions next week. Rather, expect icy tweets and cold glares between these titans of education.

The 2014 competitors will be the Lions of Columbia, the Big Red of Cornell, the Quakers of Penn, the Tigers of Princeton, and the Cardinal of Stanford.

Ivy Plus

Facebook will again be the frozen rink on which this social media competition will be fought. On each day of this bitter competition, each of these schools will post a themed photo on their Facebook pages and put their marketing and media muscles to the test as they try to get the most likes and shares on their schools’ photos. At the end of each day, gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded to those who battled best. At the end of the week, one alumni association will stand as the Alumpics 2014 champion.

We hope that this competition will yield more inspiring photos than those we’ve been seeing from Sochi hotels, but that’s for the competing schools to decide.

Dartmouth Wins 2012 Alumpics

The inaugural Ivy+ Alumpics have come to a close. These two weeks of competition showcased incredible school spirit among the seven participating schools’ alumni populations.

Dartmouth claimed the inaugural Alumpics grand championship, winning an impressive 8 gold medals and 2 silver medals. Princeton battled Dartmouth throughout the Alumpics, earning 2 golds and 8 silvers, and taking second place overall. Cornell remained consistently strong throughout, winning 10 straight bronze medals, and landing a third-place finish. The four other competitors – Stanford, MIT, Penn, and Columbia – did not earn medals, but they had quite a showing in the Alumpics.

While the top three alumni associations can bask in the glory of their Alumpics spoils, there was much more won during this competition. Alumni from the seven institutions were treated to 70 captivating images. Alumni strategized ways for their schools to win. They plotted ways for their foes to lose. They reveled in the friendly banter among the Ivy+ schools. And they really, really “liked” our photos.

In total, the 70 photos received 32,532 Facebook “likes.”

While the alumni were clearly the MVPs of these Alumpics, some of the images really shined as stars, too. Below are a few favorites, including MIT’s Tetris tower,  Columbia’ commencement, Stanford’s terrifying Tree mascot, Penn’s Hey Day, Cornell’s campus architecture, Princeton’s new graduates, and Dartmouth’s Dr. Seuss snow sculpture.

Training is already under way for the 2016 Alumpics.

Day 10: Dartmouth en fuego

Dartmouth finished the 2012 Alumpics “on fire,” not only capturing its sixth-straight gold medal, but doing so with an Alumni Spirit picture of the annual Dartmouth Night and Homecoming bonfire (383 Likes, 16% of Dartmouth’s fan base). Not far behind was Princeton celebrating the spirit of reunions (722 Likes, 14.5%), while Cornell locked up its tenth bronze medal with a screencap of its NYC Tech Campus petition (323 Likes, 2.9%). Stanford showcased the Fiesta Bowl and missed out on its first medal by a tenth of a percentage point, while MIT made a strong final day showing with 196 alums Liking a picture of Bobak Ferdowsi’s “Captain America Mohawk.” It was most certainly a spirited last day of competition! Big thank you to all who participated. Please stay tuned for the “Closing Ceremonies” post.


Day 9: Gold Goes to Dartmouth

In the penultimate competition, Dartmouth again won the gold in the category of campus nature, though I have to say that all of the competitors had gorgeous photos. With 492 likes on their Facebook picture (20.6%), Dartmouth again has illustrated that they have the stamina and commitment to continue earning the gold with their high level of alumni engagement.

Princeton follows closely behind for a silver with 960 likes (19.3%) on their photograph of the fall Princeton campus, bright with the yellow and orange leaves of fall.

And finally, once again, Cornell garners the bronze medal with 973 likes (8.7%) on their photo of the fantastic gorges waterfalls. Many of us got to tour these at Ivy+ 2011, and I can attest to their stunning beauty.

It’s not over yet! We still have one more day left in the voting process, and regardless of where your university might rank in the competition, you can still illustrate your pride and commitment by voting in today’s last category: alumni spirit. Show yours today by liking your favorite photo on its related Facebook page.

Dartmouth Strikes Gold

The Big Green fended off a late surge by the Tigers to claim their sixth Alumpics gold medal. Consistent Cornell earned their eighth straight bronze medal of the games.

With an impressive 23.1% (547 “likes”) of their fans liking their rugby national championship photo, Dartmouth claimed another Alumpics victory. But there was a scrum for that gold medal. Hundreds of Princeton photo likes flooded Facebook within a few hours of the contest’s deadline, bringing the Tigers just 3% short of landing the gold, with 20.1% (990 likes) of members liking a golden shot of an alumna Olympian.

Cornell  landed on the medal stand with an action ice hockey shot and 426 likes (3.8%). But the Big Red were nearly held in check this round by Stanford (380 likes, 3.2%). Unfortunately for Stanford, luck was not on their side. Their photo of #1 NFL draft pick Andrew Luck only landed them a #4 honorable mention in this round of the Alumpics.

Today’s contest showcases campus nature for our seven Ivy+ competitors. Follow the action on the schools’ Facebook pages and on Twitter at #Alumpics.

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