A Winning Season for Ivy+ Schools at 2016 Alumpics

There was a lot to celebrate this Alumpics season. Not only did the Ivy+ competitors bring their photographic A-game, but they also got to cheer for their own in the Olympics. There was a staggering amount of student and alumni Olympians competing this year. Stanford dominated the Ivy+ representation in Rio with over 30 athletes, including swimming superstar and future Cardinal, Katie Ledecky. Princeton had 13 Tigers pounce on the scene, Dartmouth brought some Big Greenery to the games with their nine athletes, Cornell celebrated big time with six Big Red Bears, and five Columbia Lions also clawed their way to the games. And Penn has been celebrating their alumni wins from Olympics past, such as Susan Francia, who won gold with Women’s Rowing in 2008 and 2012.

The Alumpics themselves were full of surprises this year. Columbia, failing to earn a single medal in the 2014 games, came back swinging and was able to clinch the gold all five days, due to their highly engaged Instagram audience. In a sudden turn of events, Stanford bowed out of the competition on day three, possibly to concentrate on celebrating their incredibly successful Olympians. If they had added #alumpics to their Olympic Instagram posts, they might well have given Columbia a run for their money.

MEDALS-01The competition to watch was Cornell and Dartmouth, as they duked it out for second place each day. By the end of day 5, both Big Red and Big Green had three silver medals. In the end, as Cornell did not medal on day one, Dartmouth was able to just win that coveted silver medal and Cornell was awarded the bronze.

Though Princeton and Penn didn’t make the final podium, they didn’t walk away empty handed. Princeton came in just behind Dartmouth and Cornell, with two silver medal pics and two bronze. Penn put up a valiant fight, and was able to snag a bronze medal on day 5.

Thanks to all who followed the Alumpics this year. We hope you enjoyed exploring the 27 sun-kissed photographs from the six institutions as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Instagram was new Alumpic territory and it was thrilling to see alumni, students, and friends get online to support their schools. Who knows? Maybe Snapchat will emerge as the new battleground at the 2018 Winter Alumpics. Until then, we’ll all be stretching out photographic muscles.

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