Day 3: Riding the Heat Wave

Things heated up on day three of the Alumpics, as the competitors put their best summer photos forward. Long distance shots of campus, places of interest, and the night sky abounded.  Except for Cornell’s freeze-frame action shot, the day three submissions were downright peaceful. Maybe it’s the heat that makes summer the most tranquil of seasons.

Now, to the medals:

Columbia scored a gold medal three-peat with 557 likes, and Big Green out shined Big Red for the silver, with a stunning starry sky. Dartmouth received 350 likes for that sparkly shot, and Cornell got 361 for a GORGES photo of Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick ’09 fulfilling his promise to jump into the water in a full suit if enough money was raised for hunger.

Winners-01 (1)

Columbia, Gold Medal Winner

Winners-02 (1)

Dartmouth, Silver Medal Winner

Winners-03 (1)

Cornell, Bronze Medal Winner

Princeton didn’t snag a medal this time, but came through with an explosive picture of the final night of Princeton Reunions, receiving 126 likes.

Princeton Day 3


Penn came in fifth place and 47 likes, with a “Summer in the City” shot of Penn Park with the Philadelphia skyline in the background.

Penn Day 3

Stanford called a time out this round and did not post a photo.


Take a look back at day one and two of the Alumpics.

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