Day 2: The Sky’s the Limit, as Columbia Takes Gold

Columbia’s campus — and gold medal — shone brightly Tuesday as the Lions secured first with 567 likes on Day 2. Cornell was close behind, with 407 likes of a beautiful sunset snap. Dartmouth followed suit with another sky shot, getting 291 likes and tying with Princeton for the bronze medal. Princeton went a different route, with a photo that captured the experience of peering through one of its many amazing arches on campus. It received 166 likes.

Day 2-01

Columbia, Gold Medal Winner

Day 2-04

Cornell, Silver Medal Winner

Day 2-02

Princeton, Bronze Medal Winner

Day 2-03

Dartmouth, Bronze Medal Winner

Stanford, which received 229 likes, employed the talents of alumnus and photographer Tamer Shabani ’14, MS ’16, who snapped a gorgeous photo of a palm tree and sunset on campus.

Stanford Day 2


Penn asked its alumni to show their love for College Green, receiving 54 likes.

Penn Day 12


Day three of the competition is set to heat up with the Summer theme. Good luck to all!

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