Alumpics 2016 kick off next week!

InstagramIt’s been two and a half years since Ivy+ competitors faced off for Alumpics supremacy. The last go-round was an icy battle in winter 2014, with Cornell garnering gold. Now, four years since the epic inaugural summer slugfest of 2012, the heated competition returns to the warmth of summer.

The 2016 competitors will be the Lions of Columbia, the Big Red of Cornell, the Big Green of Dartmouth, the Quakers of Penn, the Tigers of Princeton, and the Cardinal of Stanford.

A new arena will serve as the playing field for Alumpics 2016: Instagram.

On each day of this feverish competition, each of these schools will post a themed photo on their Instagram account and put their social media savvy to the test as they try to get the most likes on their schools’ pics. At the end of each day, gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded to those who battled best. At the end of the week, one alumni association will stand as the Alumpics 2016 champion.

The games begin on August 8.

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