Day 5: Alumpic love goes to an o-PENN art

With the last day of the Alumpic games falling on February 14, our five Ivy+ competitors all put forth their best and last efforts to woo their alumni with the Alumpic theme of the day: Valentine’s Day.  In the end, the gold went to Penn, with a total of 469 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ on its alumpic of spring and Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE sculpture.  Let brotherly love endure!


As we know, love comes in all shapes and sizes, and that couldn’t be more true for Cornell’s alums, who gave their collective Big Red hearts to their beloved PMP – “Poor Man’s Pizza”.  With a total of 405 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ on this heart-stopping classic, Cornell is setting the Alumpic stage on fire with its fourth straight silver medal.


And over on the sunny Farm, Stanford alums felt Cupid’s arrow for its alumpic, which brought in a total of 343 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ (and numerous Stanford couples!) to land Stanford the bronze medal for the second day in a row.


Although Princeton came in fourth today, the Tigers wooed its alums with an alumpic and a sonnet so sweet, it made our hearts skip a beat!  As for Columbia, while this Winter Alumpics may not have been the source of the Lion’s pride, we know there’s no greater love than a Lion’s for his Alma Mater – and we’re not LION!



And this concludes the 2014 Winter Alumpics.  We can’t think of a lovelier sentiment on which to end the games.  Thank you everyone who participated, and stay tuned for the “Closing Ceremonies” post!   Happy Valentine’s Day!

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