Big Red Earns Big Gold: Cornell Wins 2014 Alumpics

An epic run by Penn in the final two days of the Winter Alumpics nearly upended the stalwart consistency of Cornell, but Big Red’s social media savvy ultimately won out. Skating to the finish line with the overall Alumpics gold, Cornell won just one daily gold medal on Day 1 but stayed strong the rest of the way by snagging four straight silver medals. No one could have forecast the turbulent race for the remaining medals.

Princeton was on fire early on, landing a silver, gold and bronze on the first three days of the competition. But the Tigers were frozen out of medal contention on the final two days. On the flip side, Penn initially got iced a few times in the beginning of the week, but surged ahead by the end, winning back-t0-back gold medals to go along with an early bronze. Stanford struck gold with a California spin on a weather photo and played strong throughout, earning three bronze medals along the way. Columbia, close on several occasions, got snowed out of earning a medal in the 2014 games.

Penn hailed the overall silver medal for its strong finish, while a cooled off Princeton narrowly edged Stanford for the overall bronze.
While these top three alumni associations have landed atop the snow-capped Alumpics mountain, there was much more won during this competition. Alumni from the five institutions sampled 25 frosty photographic treats and, through social media endurance, propelled their schools down the icy slopes of Alumpics glory.

Training is under way for the 2016 Summer Alumpics.

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