Day 3: Stanford Weathers the Competition

Going up against four schools from the northeast who are all getting slammed with a major snowstorm, Stanford didn’t seem to stand a chance in the #WinterWednesday round of the Alumpics. But alas, the Cardinal’s take on the third round theme – a sun-soaked student studying in her “outdoor classroom” – sizzled, leaving the other Ivy+ schools to feel the winter blues. With a whopping 769 likes and shares, Stanford’s gold has allowed them to storm back into the race for the Alumpics championship.

ImageFinishing with a silver medal was the school that revel’s in winter’s wonderland. With 574 likes and shares, Cornell earned its second straight silver to go along with its first round gold. Princeton’s snowman melted a tear upon learning that his efforts – 424 likes and shares – garnered the Tigers a bronze. That gives them a sampler platter of medals, with one each of gold, silver and bronze.


Though their campuses’ cities looked majestic blanketed in white – and we imagine today’s weather will yield future Alumpics photo opps – Penn and Columbia did not earn medals on Winter Wednesday.


With two days to go, The Alumpics are anyone’s to win. For today, we’ll see whose #ThrowbackThursday photo will throw them back into the lead.

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