Day 2: Tiger Habitat Wins Gold!

They say not to mess with a tiger in its natural habitat, and this adage certainly rang true on day 2 of the Alumpic games.  The Princeton Tigers snagged gold in today’s Campus themed competition with an alumpic so stunning that it was with no small wonder that we learned the word “campus” was first used to describe Princeton’s grounds during the 18th century. (Total count: 496 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares)


The Big Red put up a valiant effort, just narrowly missing the gold by 30 counts with a total of 466 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ to claim silver with a similarly gorges photo of its campus boasting of gothic architecture, stunning foliage, lakes views, and water falls.  And the Stanford Cardinal chirped onto the Alumpic podium for the first time in this competition, winning a bronze medal (280 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’) with its Farm fresh alumpic.



Alas, the Quakers and Lions didn’t make the medal stand today.  Perhaps it was too much to ask for Penn alums to look past this year’s freezing snowstorms and polar vortexes to the spring beyond, but its photo of sunny College Green fell shy of the podium with 238  ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’.  As for Columbia, which came in last with 217 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’, perhaps like typical New Yorkers, their alums know that some things don’t need to be ‘Liked’ and are universally understood – that they studied in a city so nice, they named it twice.  New York, New York!



Have you caught Alumpic fever yet?  Good, because we’re going to help you cool it down a notch with Day 3 of the Alumpic theme:  Winter. Head on over to Facebook and cast your vote for your alumni association…NOW!

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