Day 1: Ice, Ice, Ivy

The final numbers are in for the official first day of the Alumpics competition and we’re seeing red – Big Red, that is. In a chilly race for the Alumpic throne, Cornell iced out its competition with a victorious pic of the Big Red hockey team scoring a goal against Harvard. Lynah Faithfuls sounded their approval with a whopping total of 396 ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ and Cornell won its first ever Alumpic gold.

Princeton and Penn also took to the ice with photos of Princeton’s ice hockey Olympic alumna Andrea Kilbourne-Hill and Penn’s Men’s Hockey Club (and their haircuts) from the ‘80s. It was a tight race for second, but the Tigers finally clawed shiny silver away from the Quakers in the final hours by a narrow margin of 30 Likes and Shares. The final tally? Tigers 373 to Quakers 343.




And finally, Stanford and Columbia – both of which didn’t get the ice hockey memo – came in fourth and fifth place, respectively, with photos of the Cardinal celebrating 19 straight Directors’ Cups and Columbian (and American!) baseball legend Lou Gehrig.

ColumbiaStanfordDay1Day 1 may have gone to the Big Red Bears, but it is still any school’s game! Day 2 of the Alumpics competition starts this morning. So do not close that computer. Do not head to that meeting. Do not pick up that screaming baby. Do not do anything until you’ve followed the quick links below to your alma mater’s Facebook page and like today’s Alumpic: your school campus.

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