Announcing Alumpics 2014

The Winter Olympics are already under way in Sochi. And we’re just days away from kicking off the first-ever Winter Alumpics competition. The social media battle begins on Monday, February 10, goes throughout the week, and ends on Valentine’s Day, February 14. But don’t expect a love fest among the five competing Ivy+ institutions next week. Rather, expect icy tweets and cold glares between these titans of education.

The 2014 competitors will be the Lions of Columbia, the Big Red of Cornell, the Quakers of Penn, the Tigers of Princeton, and the Cardinal of Stanford.

Ivy Plus

Facebook will again be the frozen rink on which this social media competition will be fought. On each day of this bitter competition, each of these schools will post a themed photo on their Facebook pages and put their marketing and media muscles to the test as they try to get the most likes and shares on their schools’ photos. At the end of each day, gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded to those who battled best. At the end of the week, one alumni association will stand as the Alumpics 2014 champion.

We hope that this competition will yield more inspiring photos than those we’ve been seeing from Sochi hotels, but that’s for the competing schools to decide.

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