Day 10: Dartmouth en fuego

Dartmouth finished the 2012 Alumpics “on fire,” not only capturing its sixth-straight gold medal, but doing so with an Alumni Spirit picture of the annual Dartmouth Night and Homecoming bonfire (383 Likes, 16% of Dartmouth’s fan base). Not far behind was Princeton celebrating the spirit of reunions (722 Likes, 14.5%), while Cornell locked up its tenth bronze medal with a screencap of its NYC Tech Campus petition (323 Likes, 2.9%). Stanford showcased the Fiesta Bowl and missed out on its first medal by a tenth of a percentage point, while MIT made a strong final day showing with 196 alums Liking a picture of Bobak Ferdowsi’s “Captain America Mohawk.” It was most certainly a spirited last day of competition! Big thank you to all who participated. Please stay tuned for the “Closing Ceremonies” post.


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