Dartmouth Wins 2012 Alumpics

The inaugural Ivy+ Alumpics have come to a close. These two weeks of competition showcased incredible school spirit among the seven participating schools’ alumni populations.

Dartmouth claimed the inaugural Alumpics grand championship, winning an impressive 8 gold medals and 2 silver medals. Princeton battled Dartmouth throughout the Alumpics, earning 2 golds and 8 silvers, and taking second place overall. Cornell remained consistently strong throughout, winning 10 straight bronze medals, and landing a third-place finish. The four other competitors – Stanford, MIT, Penn, and Columbia – did not earn medals, but they had quite a showing in the Alumpics.

While the top three alumni associations can bask in the glory of their Alumpics spoils, there was much more won during this competition. Alumni from the seven institutions were treated to 70 captivating images. Alumni strategized ways for their schools to win. They plotted ways for their foes to lose. They reveled in the friendly banter among the Ivy+ schools. And they really, really “liked” our photos.

In total, the 70 photos received 32,532 Facebook “likes.”

While the alumni were clearly the MVPs of these Alumpics, some of the images really shined as stars, too. Below are a few favorites, including MIT’s Tetris tower,  Columbia’ commencement, Stanford’s terrifying Tree mascot, Penn’s Hey Day, Cornell’s campus architecture, Princeton’s new graduates, and Dartmouth’s Dr. Seuss snow sculpture.

Training is already under way for the 2016 Alumpics.

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