Day 9: Gold Goes to Dartmouth

In the penultimate competition, Dartmouth again won the gold in the category of campus nature, though I have to say that all of the competitors had gorgeous photos. With 492 likes on their Facebook picture (20.6%), Dartmouth again has illustrated that they have the stamina and commitment to continue earning the gold with their high level of alumni engagement.

Princeton follows closely behind for a silver with 960 likes (19.3%) on their photograph of the fall Princeton campus, bright with the yellow and orange leaves of fall.

And finally, once again, Cornell garners the bronze medal with 973 likes (8.7%) on their photo of the fantastic gorges waterfalls. Many of us got to tour these at Ivy+ 2011, and I can attest to their stunning beauty.

It’s not over yet! We still have one more day left in the voting process, and regardless of where your university might rank in the competition, you can still illustrate your pride and commitment by voting in today’s last category: alumni spirit. Show yours today by liking your favorite photo on its related Facebook page.

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