Dartmouth Strikes Gold

The Big Green fended off a late surge by the Tigers to claim their sixth Alumpics gold medal. Consistent Cornell earned their eighth straight bronze medal of the games.

With an impressive 23.1% (547 “likes”) of their fans liking their rugby national championship photo, Dartmouth claimed another Alumpics victory. But there was a scrum for that gold medal. Hundreds of Princeton photo likes flooded Facebook within a few hours of the contest’s deadline, bringing the Tigers just 3% short of landing the gold, with 20.1% (990 likes) of members liking a golden shot of an alumna Olympian.

Cornell  landed on the medal stand with an action ice hockey shot and 426 likes (3.8%). But the Big Red were nearly held in check this round by Stanford (380 likes, 3.2%). Unfortunately for Stanford, luck was not on their side. Their photo of #1 NFL draft pick Andrew Luck only landed them a #4 honorable mention in this round of the Alumpics.

Today’s contest showcases campus nature for our seven Ivy+ competitors. Follow the action on the schools’ Facebook pages and on Twitter at #Alumpics.

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