Today’s Alumpians: Dartmouth. Princeton. Cornell.

For the third consecutive day of the Ivy+ Alumpics, Dartmouth takes the gold home to New Hampshire. Their Alumpic of 2011 graduation ceremonies with Conan O’Brien was a crowd-pleaser, then and now… and how could it not be, with the late-night favorite imparting wisdom and wisecracks. Over 500 people liked the Alumpic, and fans even weighed in with YouTube links of Conan rehearsing.  Dartmouth’s like-to-page ratio was a whopping 21.6%.

As we’ve come to expect, team Princeton gave them a run for their funny but no less of a smile-factor, with their Alumpic of a beaming grad garnering more likes (675!) but a smaller percentage of their overall Facebook fan base (13.8%).

Cornell holds steady with bronze and has the second-most likes overall (527) and third highest overall percentage (4.7%), the bronze glow of their e-medal surely looking burnished in the light of the Big Red grad ceremonies depicted in their Alumpic.

Stanford wasn’t far behind with their own version of red differing from Cornell’s… the rosy-tinted hue of the ‘casually clad’ grad after he surely got some sun by basking through commencement in his Speedo. Columbia blue robes were in abundance in their graduation Alumpic showing the class of 2012, and Penn pride was in evidence as alumni weighed in with comments about their favorite graduations moments.

Don’t forget to log on, like, and lobby for your school’s Alumpic before 11 a.m. tomorrow. Today’s theme: Athletics. Only 3 more days of the Alumpics, folks!

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