Day 6: Giving Back

The spirit of service was on display for the seven schools competing in the most recent 24 hour installment of the Alumpics.

Stanford featured its annual Beyond the Farm day of service with a photo of a youngster in a misty garden, while on the other side of the nation MIT shared their professor’s involvement in the increasingly popular FIRST robotics competition.

Strength in numbers was on display for Columbia and Penn. Columbia featured a picture of altruistic alumni in the New York City subway, while Penn T-shirts were everywhere in a picture of Penn alumni working on Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Project (below).


But once again, the top three finishers were gold medalist Dartmouth, which drew 445 likes (19 percent) for a photo of an alumnus who founded a hospital in Kenya; silver medalist Princeton, which received 724 likes (15 percent) for a shot of a Tiger at the start of a Reunions charity run; and bronze medalist Cornell, which received 505 likes (5 percent) for their photo of a volunteer representing alumni service around the world.


Today’s Alumpics category—commencement. Follow the Alumpics hashtag—#Alumpics—and join the pomp and circumstance.

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