Day 5: Dartmouth Three-peat

Dartmouth towered over the competition Friday with its picture of Baker Library, while Princeton took home architectural silver and Cornell locked up its fifth-straight bronze. Baker Library Tower garnered 680 Likes (reaching an impressive 30.3% of Dartmouth’s fan base); Alexander Hall captured 1,029 Likes (21.2% of Princeton’s following); and Cornell’s aerial campus shot attracted 1,013 Likes (9.1% of its total page likes). After one week of Alumpics competition, Dartmouth leads the way with three golds and two silvers, Princeton lurks with two golds and three silvers, Cornell keeps it steady with five bronzes, and Stanford, Columbia, MIT, and Penn remain happy to have qualified.


The second (and final) week of Alumpics competition kicks off with “Community Service.” Keep an eye on your newsfeed and follow the #Alumpics hashtag to see the Ivy+ institutions flex their altruistic muscles. Will Dartmouth extend its lead? Will the Tigers roar back? Will Cornell win its sixth-straight bronze? Only time will tell.

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