Day 3: Green Garners Gold

Green is Dartmouth’s signature color. If you’re a graphic designer, this translates into Pantone Matching System 34 (forest green). If you’re a student, green might signify the popular Green, a five acre public space nestled in the heart of Hanover, New Hampshire. If you’re a Dartmouth alumnus interested in sustainably, green might remind you of the Dartmouth Green Alumni (DGA) group. If you’re me, and you learn that Dartmouth has taken the gold for the second day in a row in the Alumpics competition, green reminds you of envy.  Still, it’s clear why this moment of high spirits during Homecoming 2010 captured the greatest percentage of likes (571, or 27%) on Dartmouth’s Alumni Facebook page in the mascot category.

Princeton followed with a close second place in this mascot-themed competition, earning the silver medal with 1,111 likes (23.2%) on their photo featuring my personal favorite mascot, the Tiger (what can I say, I like cats) lounging leisurely in front of a sea of Princeton fans wearing the school colors of orange and black.

The bronze medal was swooped up by Cornell, who had 669 likes (6.1%) on their mascot-centric photo showing the Big Red Bear leading the Chimemasters during a concert.

Quick quiz: can you name the remaining mascots for the rest of the competitors? Hint for Penn: He’s a bit of a pacifist.

Today’s competition centers around academics. See the sidebar on the blog to find your favorite photo and vote on it. You can also help to promote the contest by using the hash tag #Alumpics.

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