Day 2: Dartmouth Takes the Gold!

Dartmouth takes home the gold medal for History & Tradition as the Day 2 winner amongst the Ivy+ schools at a whopping 1,283 “likes” – well over half (62.6%) of their total Facebook page likes. With the Cat in the Hat leading their Alumpics team for the day in the form of a giant ice sculpture (yes, we know it’s the Summer Alumpics, but Dr. Seuss is evergreen or, should we say, Dartmouth green), it’s easy to see why Dartmouth alumni rallied around their favorite piece of History & Tradition.

After the competition, Dartmouth alumnus Theodor Seuss Geisel was rumored to have posted the following update to his Facebook profile:

When the pic likes went bump
The daily numbers did jump!
I do so like the Alumpics game
Best when Dartmouth holds the flame.

Shiny silver goes to Princeton, who had taken the first Alumpics gold on Monday with an overnight surge in likes. The legendary P-rade offense that Princeton Alumpians are known for was used once again to great success on the e-playing field, as the second day P-rade photo focused on seniors, madly dashing onto Poe Field as they become alumni for life and scoring 1,246 likes (with 4,707 Facebook page likes, or 26.5%).

Team Cornell wins the bronze by recalling founder Ezra Cornell in words and in – is that a BRONZE?! – statue. Ever popular Ezra got 775 likes against 11,028 page likes.

As to the rest of the schools, they might not have the might of the “like” for the Alumpics this time, but the games go on! The Day 3 Alumpics photos should now be up on the Facebook page of your school. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Do not do anything else before you go in and like today’s Alumpic: your school mascot.

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