Monday Gold Medal Winner: Princeton

In a heated race for the first Alumpics gold medal, Princeton came from behind with an overnight surge to beat Ivy League rival Dartmouth, which took home the silver. Cornell snagged the first bronze of the competition.

With 25.2% of its Facebook page fans liking their first Alumpics photo, Princeton edged Dartmouth, which received “likes” from an impressive 22.3% of their page members. Cornell  landed on the medal stand with 6.4% of their Facebook fans liking their photo. Princeton had 1,144 photo likes and 4,547 Facebook page likes at the end of the Day 1 contest; Dartmouth had 337 photo likes and 1,512 Facebook page likes; and Cornell had 709 photo likes and 10,996 Facebook page likes.

Princeton’s victory came in the Reunions photo category. For today’s contest, the seven Ivy+ schools will post their favorite History/Tradition photo for alumni to like.

Follow the action on the schools’ Facebook pages, linked at the right, or on Twitter at #alumpics.

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