The Spirit of Competition

In one week, the world will be in the grip of the excitement and passion of the Olympics. But the Olympians will not be the only ones embroiled in competition. Seven Ivy+ alumni associations will also engage in a spirited competition during the two weeks of the Olympics. While the Olympics will test the athletes’ physical prowess, the Alumpics will test the social media might of these alumni associations.

How so?

Posting an alumni-related photo (or, an “alumpic”) daily on their Facebook pages, the participating alumni associations will battle to get the highest number of likes on their photos each weekday. At the end of each day of competition, three institutions will be awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals. The alumni association with the greatest medal count at the end of the competition will be declared the Alumpics champion.

Much like Olympians who compete for pride in their country, these alumni associations will compete for pride in their school, for alumni pride in alma mater.

Leading up to the kick-off of the Alumpics competition, and throughout the Alumpics games July 30 through August 10, alumni associations from seven Ivy+ institutions will flex their social media and marketing muscles to spread the word and get alumni to show their school spirit.

The first round of the Alumpics begin at 11:00 AM ET next week, July 30. Follow the participating Ivy+ alumni associations’ Facebook pages (linked on the right) to view the photos, follow the competition, and help the most spirited association win the Alumpics.

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